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The Taizhou Mayor Weirong Wus "Jiadebao" visitation
Date: 2012-04-10   Hit: 2980

The President and General Manager Jingang Ruan accompanied Mayor Weirong Wu to visit Jiadebao Household Company.

Standing together through thick and thin, Mayor Mr. Wu and General Manager Mr. Ruan went forward with long stride.

Mayor Mr. Wu visited the molding workshop which is the first production line site, and expressed his regards to enterprise employees, full of the feeling of love.

When the President Mr. Ruan was introducing Enterprise Independent Innovation to Mayor Mr. Wu, he said that “the enterprises in Development Zone will be huge success” with nodding again and again.

The President Mr. Ruan gave the introduction of energy saving of the enterprise technological transformation to Mayor Mr. Wu, and it got the Mayor’s recognition and praise.

The President Mr. Ruan introduced the new development of high-tech products of our company to Taizhou Development Zone Leader Haibin Huang.

The chief engineer the company introduced the transformation and upgrading of the company and the new product development project to Mayor Mr. Wu. 

The General Manager Jingang Ruan reported the 12th five-year plan and the development vision of “Jiadebao” to City leaders.

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